Chef Leonard Vincent Garcia

Hi there! It’s me, Chef Vince Garcia, you can call me Chef Vince. Join me as I take you to a culinary adventure like no other! Experience first-hand the skills I mastered, exemplified through my cooking and baking. Years of trials brought me here, a life I have always dreamt of, and oh how wonderful it is. I can show you how life can be truly so magnificent when you dive in and taste my dishes that I serve with passion in my restaurants.

But I’m not stopping there, I tirelessly try to educate and shape the next generation to be better in the kitchen, in the business industry, and in life. Because that is all I have ever wished for back then. Through my art, I want to impart to you a slice of “A Very Good Life”.

The Chef Vince Garcia Culinary Group

Company Vision

The Chef Vince Garcia Culinary Group envisions itself as a catalyst of restaurant, and food related industry as an innovator by means of its production, distribution, and branding. It shall be a group of restaurants and of food related businesses that offers and promotes the local culinary and entrepreneurial talents of its fellow countrymen whom which have started their identity in the country side and of provinces. The company sees itself as a leading restaurant and food related industry in The Provincial Capital of the City of San Fernando Pampanga and of the whole of Pampanga in the future.

Company Mission

Maker of ways

The Company shall be a partner for entrepreneurs wanting to venture in the food industry in general, the company shall provide all the necessary needs to build and promote lasting partnership between each party involve. It shall also assure that a built up brand shall last and prosper.

Employment and Knowledge Opportunity

The Company through its transparent working environment shall provide a starting opportunity for prime positions within the group for fresh graduates. It shall also enhance the knowledge of undergraduate employees by providing them, seminars, lectures, and workshops orchestrated from within the company and from the outside.

Champion to the Environment

The Company shall be one with nature by promoting nature related cause and activities it shall also be a partner for such related cause.

Customer service excellence

The Company shall be a model of great customer experience with full attention to the guest wants and needs. By providing them the freshest of produce available to the market both locally and internationally.

One Family

The Company shall be a company for all. Wherein an array of food related establishment shall be built and all forms of customer markets and pricing shall be accommodated from those on the budgeted up to the elite.